Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yes im still alive.

Just a quick note stating im alive. I will be telling you guys more tomorrow or after my family reunion this weekend.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Woohooo! another clear stamp for my collection!

Thanks to helen :D Isn't it wonderful? i have seen some like this but never in clear stamp form... *faints* lol

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random picture time!

My signature on the petville game forums

My signature at Everyday Scrapper
I play petville on facebook. This is my avatar [made by me!] on the forums!
My ah button collection? i think i shall need to get more buttons!
Ok not a design but this is my desktop! yes there are icons but i have a program that removes them from view with two clicks. This bear is called "Fluffy" shes a nice bear... when shes in a good mood!

Sorry about having no new layouts but one is coming up soon! At least you guys know i am still alive :D

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Challenge

I live in NZ and May = NZ Music Month. So we will be celebrating NZ music all month long! [go NZ!]

So for your challenge [not a AM inspired one... she suggested Teddy Bears...], your challenge is to do the following:
What does music mean to you? ie: Favourite song, A milestone song (a song that reminds you of something important in your life) ah a insturment you play...
 I would love to see your creations! my keyboard for those who are wondering, i still need to pay $245 but thats alot less than 599!

Have fun with this challenge, the usual enter by the end of the month, chance win a prize if there more than three entries [if only three entries = all three win] It will be musical.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I have been tagged...

By Annmarie of all people! So here we go:

10 Things I Love:

1. Family
2. Friends
3. My DSLR
4. My Laptop
5. Scrapbooking
6. Photography
7. Digital Design
8. Learning
9. Creativity
10. Food!!!!!!!

and now the toughest part,

5 Pieces of Trivia:

1. I have been using computers since i was 2. Therefore i have 22 years of experience when it comes to computers going ka-bom!
2. I have Aspergers which is a mild forum of Autism, it makes life had but at the same time i wouldn't live without it.
3. I live with a blue monkey, that is my flatmate can't go through one day without watching Avatar. Therefore by the time he is sick of it, i am going to know the movie backwards. lol.
4. I find it hard to use certain things in SB, like paper and such that was given to me, its getting easier now. 
5. I know that the meaning of life is to Scrapbook.

I have to forward this onto 5 victims I MEAN Friends...

Stephanie 5. Wanita

*evil laugh here* lol

And the winner is....

Since there were only two entries for the April challenge there are no winners, both won! lol

Annmarie, Stephanie please email me your addresses! I'll send you a nice RAK, may not be Easter related but still nice :D

Congrats :D

Friday, April 30, 2010

2 layouts, 2 cards woah!

I had to scraplift a page "31" in some book, i did a book on the movie AVATAR. this layout is about Gadget a nice cat that belongs to my aurnty in OZ.
Creative Journaling, another card for RAK's.
I had to use at least two stamps to make a patterned paper, this is going to make a nice RAK
the collage is in the tag and the flowers are easily found. The layout is about the new place i am now living in.    

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New look!

Not many changes this time around but i believe that i made the blog more easier to view and also different to the other blogs out there [lol xD]

I just spent $6.60 on 60 photos today, so expect alot of layouts as i push my desk! lol!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sisterhood of the traveling postcard

I decided to play on the words "sisterhood of the traveling pants" and replaced pants with postcard. this is the first layout i have done since i got a table to scrap on.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friendship Layout

I am applying for a DT! i know its scary! however since i need to show some layouts i figured i'll start doing so right now ^_^ I always wanted to join a DT but since so many require so much i thought i would never be able to do so. But this one just asks for you to apply so i figured it won't hurt to try.

So this was for the SoS blog hop, since i wasn't able to complete it due to the internet connection i didn't enter but here it is anyways, it was for the use your stash challenge. The paper, the vellum words, the buttons and the ribbon are all over a year old, even the little saying on the bottom. The only thing not old was the white CS. LOL

Yay pictures :D

I can upload now! but one post at a time so here we go :D

First of all here is my under construction scrap space, i am working on sorting it out so i can scrap better but for now its working. My "clip it up" is a coat hanger with rings on it!

Please note that i am using my mobile phone for the photos, i have the laptop hooked up to the net but the net is still not good enough. Still a upload is a upload. Oh and yes the scrap area is a wardrobe. XDDDDD

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Testing Testing 123...

If this works you should see my scrap "cupboard"

all i am going to say is "bugger"


P.S Ten more days till aprils challenge is over, currently we only have two entries, i would love to see more.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Opps my bad!

Forgot to mention, the contests i am holding on this blog end at the end of each month. The winner is mentioned when i start the next challenge.

Hehe. Sorry about that guys!

Anyways a bit of a update, my laptop is finally in repairs. I am not sure if the problem is going to be fixed or not but at least they have taken it in. I am currently figuring out how to get my own internet at the moment as the one my flatmate is on sucks too much, hey i can't even upload photos on a blog and the stuff i am doing at the moment requires me to i donno, show a layout!


But in other news yesterday i was donating some clothing that was too big for me to wear when i found this nice small chest. It is made out of wicker [me thinks], white and cost me only $5. Nice. When i have a proper internet connection i shall show you a picture :D

Things are still going well down here, i am more tired at the moment as i get used to my promotion but hey can't have everything eh?

So yeah get those entries in for the easter layout, i don't mind if you happen to mix it with another contest/thing at all ^_^

Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Challenge

I decided to hold a new challenge each month.

You must make a layout/card using this quote

take me to you bunny leader
- quote from Emuupagumtree

The winner will win a nice RAK. Ether one through the post or one that is printable but only for the winner.

So reply with your entries :D enjoy.

April starts with a big well a bang anyways.

So this morning i woke up and had my Easter egg, Yes at 8am in the morning! i can't help if it i have a habit that requires me to eat chocolate early in the morning at Easter time!

So i had the egg then i figured i better have a shower, so i got up had a shower but in the middle of the shower i slipped and hit the rail that is on the wall next to the shower [its there to help if you slip...] I am fine. i have a headache and a cut on my head but i seem to be functioning well.

My friends at the sisterhood decided that it is normal for me to have a urge to scrapbook after this! Maybe if i take the picture of the rail.......

Anyways i am on day three of my four day weekend, my printer has decided its dying and needs more ink [aww] and after contacting Harvey Norman [the place i got my laptop from] they have decided they will look at it so yay so my laptop may be online soon!

If you guys didn't already know i have a yamaha keyboard on layby at a music store. My granddad asked in his will before he died that one of his grandkids learns a instrument and i decided to be the one who did so because music is such a big thing in my life it isn't funny, if i don't sing, hear a song, hear someone else sing then i will be depressed for the whole day. I also have played piano back in high school for five years. Im not sure if its because i am Autistic or not but i just have a urge every day to do something/hear something musical.

Even if its my dads singing [and his singing be badddddddddddddddddddddd].

So the keyboard is: here thats $600. I have $289 to go :D oh and a extra $80 for a stand but one thing you guys should know is that when i get something expensive [like my canon eos] i will spend at least 10% on protection/item that is needed to support/use the item [i spent $100 on two bags for my camera and its equipment, i have spent around $40 on my scrapbooking tote, i have spent $120 on a desk that is at home at the moment for my brother to use so that he can do his schoolwork] So when i invest something i go all the way.

Of course when i get this keyboard i shall take pictures and when i am good enough again i shall record a song for you guys to hear.

Sorry for the lack of photos, this computer and its internet connection doesn't like photos, it was very annoying joining the blogs i did join [it took 30 minutes]

Have a good Easter guys :D

- Ev

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A long overdue update.

Sorry for the lack of updates, i have been one busy bee since i came back from aussie.

First of all a update about my list of new years resolutions, numbers 5 & 6 are done! i have moved out and am living with some workmates closer to work. Sure it hasn't got a decent internet connection, sure its on a busy road, sure its hard to get to sleep at the beginning because i am close to a airport but guys i have moved. out.!

My laptop has decided to die on me, the DVD drive on it is busted to the point where i have to replace it and the store i got it from doesn't want to know. Nice. So i have to get a external drive so i can get my laptop back online because i reformatted it to see if it was something that stopped it from working.

Anyways work is going well, i am sleeping in a hour later :D and i am working towards getting that computer, even though $2000 is alot of money and i may need to put it on hire purchase :( if thats the case well it will be on a good deal.

I am also working on getting a desk, my room doesn't have one and i want one to study music (cause i have a $600 keyboard on layby) and to scrapbook i need to use a desk don't i?

Well from now on i should be updating more, right now im stealing my flatmates computer whilst hes out. Haha! but its slooooooooow. shoot me now!

- Evinta