Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cleaning Spree #??

 And now the pictures [Blogger has changed alot.. XD]

 And yes im glad i cleaned that mess. Took me a few hours

Death.. then Life again :D

October i believe was the last time i updated this blog. Let me just give you a quick run down on what has changed since then.

  1. I turned 25 on jan 4th. 
  2. On the 30th of Jan i accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savour
  3. For NINE years i didn't sing at all. I have witnesses to that, I sing now. Alot. 
  4. I got baptized on May 22nd
  5. I have more sisters and brothers now. 
And i missed you all guys  :( I promise to make this blog more active. Now... i tidied up my crafty corner today and i have before/after photos to show you what i have done which i will post in the next post.

So ah welcome back me? hehee.