Thursday, March 25, 2010

A long overdue update.

Sorry for the lack of updates, i have been one busy bee since i came back from aussie.

First of all a update about my list of new years resolutions, numbers 5 & 6 are done! i have moved out and am living with some workmates closer to work. Sure it hasn't got a decent internet connection, sure its on a busy road, sure its hard to get to sleep at the beginning because i am close to a airport but guys i have moved. out.!

My laptop has decided to die on me, the DVD drive on it is busted to the point where i have to replace it and the store i got it from doesn't want to know. Nice. So i have to get a external drive so i can get my laptop back online because i reformatted it to see if it was something that stopped it from working.

Anyways work is going well, i am sleeping in a hour later :D and i am working towards getting that computer, even though $2000 is alot of money and i may need to put it on hire purchase :( if thats the case well it will be on a good deal.

I am also working on getting a desk, my room doesn't have one and i want one to study music (cause i have a $600 keyboard on layby) and to scrapbook i need to use a desk don't i?

Well from now on i should be updating more, right now im stealing my flatmates computer whilst hes out. Haha! but its slooooooooow. shoot me now!

- Evinta