Monday, May 17, 2010

Woohooo! another clear stamp for my collection!

Thanks to helen :D Isn't it wonderful? i have seen some like this but never in clear stamp form... *faints* lol

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random picture time!

My signature on the petville game forums

My signature at Everyday Scrapper
I play petville on facebook. This is my avatar [made by me!] on the forums!
My ah button collection? i think i shall need to get more buttons!
Ok not a design but this is my desktop! yes there are icons but i have a program that removes them from view with two clicks. This bear is called "Fluffy" shes a nice bear... when shes in a good mood!

Sorry about having no new layouts but one is coming up soon! At least you guys know i am still alive :D

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Challenge

I live in NZ and May = NZ Music Month. So we will be celebrating NZ music all month long! [go NZ!]

So for your challenge [not a AM inspired one... she suggested Teddy Bears...], your challenge is to do the following:
What does music mean to you? ie: Favourite song, A milestone song (a song that reminds you of something important in your life) ah a insturment you play...
 I would love to see your creations! my keyboard for those who are wondering, i still need to pay $245 but thats alot less than 599!

Have fun with this challenge, the usual enter by the end of the month, chance win a prize if there more than three entries [if only three entries = all three win] It will be musical.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I have been tagged...

By Annmarie of all people! So here we go:

10 Things I Love:

1. Family
2. Friends
3. My DSLR
4. My Laptop
5. Scrapbooking
6. Photography
7. Digital Design
8. Learning
9. Creativity
10. Food!!!!!!!

and now the toughest part,

5 Pieces of Trivia:

1. I have been using computers since i was 2. Therefore i have 22 years of experience when it comes to computers going ka-bom!
2. I have Aspergers which is a mild forum of Autism, it makes life had but at the same time i wouldn't live without it.
3. I live with a blue monkey, that is my flatmate can't go through one day without watching Avatar. Therefore by the time he is sick of it, i am going to know the movie backwards. lol.
4. I find it hard to use certain things in SB, like paper and such that was given to me, its getting easier now. 
5. I know that the meaning of life is to Scrapbook.

I have to forward this onto 5 victims I MEAN Friends...

Stephanie 5. Wanita

*evil laugh here* lol

And the winner is....

Since there were only two entries for the April challenge there are no winners, both won! lol

Annmarie, Stephanie please email me your addresses! I'll send you a nice RAK, may not be Easter related but still nice :D

Congrats :D