Saturday, April 3, 2010

April starts with a big well a bang anyways.

So this morning i woke up and had my Easter egg, Yes at 8am in the morning! i can't help if it i have a habit that requires me to eat chocolate early in the morning at Easter time!

So i had the egg then i figured i better have a shower, so i got up had a shower but in the middle of the shower i slipped and hit the rail that is on the wall next to the shower [its there to help if you slip...] I am fine. i have a headache and a cut on my head but i seem to be functioning well.

My friends at the sisterhood decided that it is normal for me to have a urge to scrapbook after this! Maybe if i take the picture of the rail.......

Anyways i am on day three of my four day weekend, my printer has decided its dying and needs more ink [aww] and after contacting Harvey Norman [the place i got my laptop from] they have decided they will look at it so yay so my laptop may be online soon!

If you guys didn't already know i have a yamaha keyboard on layby at a music store. My granddad asked in his will before he died that one of his grandkids learns a instrument and i decided to be the one who did so because music is such a big thing in my life it isn't funny, if i don't sing, hear a song, hear someone else sing then i will be depressed for the whole day. I also have played piano back in high school for five years. Im not sure if its because i am Autistic or not but i just have a urge every day to do something/hear something musical.

Even if its my dads singing [and his singing be badddddddddddddddddddddd].

So the keyboard is: here thats $600. I have $289 to go :D oh and a extra $80 for a stand but one thing you guys should know is that when i get something expensive [like my canon eos] i will spend at least 10% on protection/item that is needed to support/use the item [i spent $100 on two bags for my camera and its equipment, i have spent around $40 on my scrapbooking tote, i have spent $120 on a desk that is at home at the moment for my brother to use so that he can do his schoolwork] So when i invest something i go all the way.

Of course when i get this keyboard i shall take pictures and when i am good enough again i shall record a song for you guys to hear.

Sorry for the lack of photos, this computer and its internet connection doesn't like photos, it was very annoying joining the blogs i did join [it took 30 minutes]

Have a good Easter guys :D

- Ev

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  1. That keyboard looks awesome; what a great hobby to have!

    I know how it is to love music, I always have it on in the background and sing and groove along, but thats as far as it goes! No musical talent whatsoever here<-- good luck with it and keep us posted!


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