Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Challenge

I decided to hold a new challenge each month.

You must make a layout/card using this quote

take me to you bunny leader
- quote from Emuupagumtree

The winner will win a nice RAK. Ether one through the post or one that is printable but only for the winner.

So reply with your entries :D enjoy.


  1. haa haa - love it!!! i laughed right outloud when i read her comments - good "lift" - will be interested to see what comes in...

  2. Already thinking of some ideas! Great quote!

  3. oh toooo funny!!! love it!!!! guess i need to get a pic of ds with his bunnnnnny!!! :)

  4. I finished mine! Here's the link:

  5. Finished mine now too Bx

  6. Hi, just found your site thru another blog. love it when i find one in the southern hemisphere. Look forward to seeing more of your works. Regards Crafty caz xx


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