Saturday, April 10, 2010

Opps my bad!

Forgot to mention, the contests i am holding on this blog end at the end of each month. The winner is mentioned when i start the next challenge.

Hehe. Sorry about that guys!

Anyways a bit of a update, my laptop is finally in repairs. I am not sure if the problem is going to be fixed or not but at least they have taken it in. I am currently figuring out how to get my own internet at the moment as the one my flatmate is on sucks too much, hey i can't even upload photos on a blog and the stuff i am doing at the moment requires me to i donno, show a layout!


But in other news yesterday i was donating some clothing that was too big for me to wear when i found this nice small chest. It is made out of wicker [me thinks], white and cost me only $5. Nice. When i have a proper internet connection i shall show you a picture :D

Things are still going well down here, i am more tired at the moment as i get used to my promotion but hey can't have everything eh?

So yeah get those entries in for the easter layout, i don't mind if you happen to mix it with another contest/thing at all ^_^

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  1. I'm working on a card for the challenge ;)

    Hope you get your laptop back soon, and the chest sounds nice!!

    Hope you are getting pleanty of rest! Take Care


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