Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Since i am in australia sitting in well the next coolest spot in the house [the coolest spot being my room with the air conditioning on COLD] i figured i will write out my NYR on new years eve. They are:

  1. I will get rid of half the things i have [sell some things on trademe, give some things away and throw out rubbish that i don't need]
  2. I will make a dent in my debt by paying off $1500 [i currently owe around 3k]
  3. I will FINISH what i have started. [Scrapbooking projects, art projects etc]
  4. I will weigh less than 100kg by xmas day
  5. I will move out of my parents home
  6. I will pay cash on everything i want. [Using debt card is using cash]
  7. This blog will be updated more feq, with freebies for you guys
  8. I will make a portfolio of my work and show it with pride
  9. I won't let my aspergers define who i am [a resolution that has been in place since i was 16]
  10. I will do a photography/digital design course
  11. I will get a new computer just for digital design, a computer which won't be brought using someone elses money [unless its donations]
  12. I will learn to manage money and have money in the bank at all times! [currently i pretty much spend it all by the weekend.

A long list but if i manage to do most of them i will be happy. Very happy.